Student-Developed HPC Cluster for Active Learning

Project Status

In progress

Project Description:

Students will be solely responsible for the design, construction, configuration, and maintenance of a recommissioned collection of used computing hardware to craft a basic HPC cluster. The experiment will offer students practical experience in the administration and use of a HPC cluster, something not typically made available in the regular curriculum. Additionally, this project will serve as a potential cookbook to encourage other small and medium-sized institutions to reconsider scrapping old computing hardware for the purpose of teaching students HPC on a shoestring budget.

Student Research Computing Facilitator Profile

Ideally the students involved in this project are undergraduate or graduate students with experience in system administration of Linux/UNIX computers and have thought about HPC as a potential tool to be used in computing.

Project Owner

Scott Valcourt


Project Institution

University of New Hampshire

Anchor Institution

University of New Hampshire

Project Address

268 Mast Road
Durham, NH 03824