Facilitating Fusarium Oxysporum Computational Research

Project Status

In progress

Project Description:

Li-Jun Ma at UMass Amherst uses high-throughput sequencing that relies on HPC. We have been adapting her PacBIO SMRTAnalysis pipelines to run in a cluster environment. We are working extensively with PacBIO vendor support, and with the Ask.CI and XSEDE Campus Champions communities to tackle this project. Ask.CI has proved very useful and allowed us to progress farther with one of the pieces of software for Li-jun.

Student Research Computing Facilitator Profile

We have a student facilitator, Brandon Cross, who is a computer systems engineering student. He had no biology domain experience prior to this project.

Project Owner

John Griffin

Project Institution

UMass Amherst / MGHPCC

Anchor Institution

University of Massachusetts

Project Address