Particle worldlines in 1+1 dimensions

C++/17/14 Migration of Path Integral Quantum Monte Carlo Software

Project Status

In progress

Project Description:

Path integral quantum Monte Carlo exploits the quantum-to-classical mapping to stochastically sample the partition function of a d-dimensional quantum system as a (d+1)-dimensional classical system. This allows for the ab initio simulation of superfluids at low temperatures. The open source research code developed at the University of Vermont ( does not yet take advantage of many of the latest features in the C++17/14/11 standard. This project seeks to modernize our open source codebase while concurrently developing new documentation with the goal of modernization, re-factoring and potentially optimization.

Student Research Computing Facilitator Profile

Any student with c++ and some object oriented programming experience who has an undergrad level understanding of statistical mechanics.

Project Owner

Adrian Del Maestro

Project Institution

University of Vermont

Anchor Institution

University of Vermont

Project Address

82 University Place
Burlington, VT 05405