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Spacecraft Charging Simulation Environment

Project Information

parallelization, Simulations, Astrophysics
Project Status: New and Recruiting
Submitted By: Northeast Cyberteam
Project Email:
Project Institution: MGHPCC
Anchor Institution: MGHPCC

Mentors: Julie Ma

Project Description

Currently the tools that exist to analyze the impact of the space environment on materials fall into three separate and distinct time frames: short, medium and long term impacts. Many of the existing tools were developed by NASA over 20 years ago, and there are many operational drawbacks to the currently available codes. There is a significant desire to have controllable fidelity in spacecraft charging related models, in order to allow for flexibility in how the end-users deploy this technology. EMA seeks to develop and incorporate these simulation tools into its platform, and in parallel with its space environmental effect chamber, overhaul the outdated material characterization databases with new and novel material values, and break the barriers to entry for users performing spacecraft charging simulations. These will prove invaluable to the participants in the space industry.