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Project Title Project Institution Project Owner Tags Status
Data Presentation for the Living Bridge University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt data-handling, data-wrangling, storage (d-facing), hardware, cpus, hpc-storage (s-facing), vpn, ssh, distributed-computing, cyberinfrastructure Complete
Student-led Development of Open Source Materials for Hadoop University of Maine Farmington Northeast Cyberteam big-data, data-handling, data-wrangling, storage (d-facing), ceph, hadoop, cyberinfrastructure In Progress
Facilitating Fusarium Oxysporum Computational Research UMass Amherst / MGHPCC John Griffin data-handling, data-wrangling, slurm, debugging, containers, desktops In Progress
Multiscale HPC Modeling, Tutorials and examples University of Maine Northeast Cyberteam data-handling, distributed-computing, gpus, mpi, visualization Complete
Using station data and downscaled reanalysis to assess the occurrence of extreme weather University of Maine Sean Birkel data-handling Finishing Up
Large-area Enhanced Forest Inventory modeled on 3-D Airborne Laser Scanning data University of Maine Northeast Cyberteam data-handling, parallelization, performance, programming Complete
Benchmarking Locally-Developed HPC Resources University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt account, backup, big-data, Data-facing, data-handling, file-system, hpc, hpc-cluster-build, hpc-getting-started, hpc-operations, permissions, provisioning, scheduler, slurm, unix-environment In Progress
Big Data Portal For Sharing Real-world Bioinformatics Data Sets to the Public Domain University of Maine, Augusta Bruce Segee big-data, bioinformatics, Data-facing, data-handling, data-management, data-wrangling, hpc-storage (s-facing), metadata, science gateway, storage (d-facing), website In Progress
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