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Project Title Project Institution Tags Project Status
Using Genetic Algorithms and Support Vector Machines in Forest Mapping University of Maine Complete
Creating Tailored Research Computing Environments Bentley University In progress
Parallel computing for interactions between fluids and flexible structures with application to suspended longline aquaculture farms University of Maine In progress
Machine learning for material property prediction University of Maine Orono In progress
Individual Based Modeling of Diamondback Terrapins Fitchburg State University Finishing up
Multiscale HPC Modeling, Tutorials and examples University of Maine In progress
A GIS based model for wildlife conservation in Sri Lanka Bridgewater State University In progress
Understanding Mechanical Properties of Bio-interfaces with HPC Molecular Simulations University of Vermont In progress
Onboarding Interdisciplinary Scientists to a GPU Based Cluster in Vermont University of Vermont In progress
Spacecraft Charging Simulation Environment New and recruiting
Light Propagation in a Temporal Focusing Microscope using Matlab Middlebury College New and recruiting


Name Institution Interests
Michael Arnold Univesrity of Vermont
Michael Butler University of Maine
Brandon Conti University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Siamak Ghorbani Faal WPI
Joshua Gyllinsky Joshua Gyllinsky
Benjamin Himberg University of Vermont
Noah Howard University of Maine
Josh Minot University of Vermont
Cuong Nguyen Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Ali Razavi The University of Vermont
David Reitano Bentley University
Andrew Schade Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Shadi Tasdighi Kalat Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Anthony Turcios Middlebury College


Name Institution Areas of HPC Expertise/Interests E-mail
Shaohao Chen Massachusetts Institute of Technology chenshaohao@gmail.com
Shawn Doughty Tufts University shawn.doughty@tufts.edu
Jeff Dusenberry University of Massachusetts Boston jeff.dusenberry@umb.edu
Brian Gregor Boston University bgregor@bu.edu
Katia Oleinik Boston University koleinik@bu.edu
David Oury Bentley University david@scatter.com
Jacob Pessin Boston University jacob.pessin@gmail.com
Spencer Pruitt Northeastern University s.pruitt@northeastern.edu
Wirawan Purwanto Old Dominion University wpurwant@odu.edu
Seung Woo Son University of Massachusetts Lowell seungwoo_son@uml.edu
Juan Vanegas University of Vermont jvanegas@uvm.edu