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Light Propagation in a Temporal Focusing Microscope using Matlab

Project Information

parallelization, vectorization, , matlab
Project Status: New and Recruiting
Submitted By: Northeast Cyberteam
Project Email:
Project Institution: Middlebury College
Anchor Institution: University of Vermont
Project Address: 276 Bicentennial Way McCardell Bicentennial Hall
Middlebury, Vermont. 05753

Project Description

Understanding the propagation of light is essential for developing new techniques for biomedical optics. Characterizing the resolution of a microscope requires calculating how light travels through optical elements such as lenses, apertures, and diffraction gratings. This project uses Fourier optics to analyze the propagation of light through a temporal focusing microscope, in which laser pulses pass through a diffraction grating, a collimating lens, and an objective lens on their way to the sample. Because each wavelength can be treated independently, a cluster will perform parallel numerical calculations to reconstruct the light field at the focus of the microscope, allowing for a more complete understanding of how different laser parameters affect the resolution of a temporal focusing microscope.