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Project Title Project Institution Project Owner Tags Status Project Leader
Data Presentation for the Living Bridge University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt data-handling, data-wrangling, storage (d-facing), hardware, cpus, hpc-storage (s-facing), vpn, ssh, distributed-computing, cyberinfrastructure Complete Scott Valcourt
Data Visualizations Using the Microsoft HoloLens University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt graphics, hw-and-sw-integration, hpc, network, software-installation, compiling, debugging, os, internet, networking Finishing Up Scott Valcourt
Light Propagation in a Temporal Focusing Microscope using Matlab Middlebury College Northeast Cyberteam parallelization, vectorization, matlab In Progress Michael Durst
Unsupervised learning of topologically ordered phases of matter Middlebury College Northeast Cyberteam gpus, hpc, quantum-mechanics, machine-learning Finishing Up Chris Herdman
Creating Tailored Research Computing Environments Bentley University David Oury big-data, machine-learning, resources, containers, docker, python, r, cpus, gpus, parallelization Complete David Oury
Parallel computing for interactions between fluids and flexible structures with application to suspended longline aquaculture farms University of Maine Northeast Cyberteam performance, parallelism, programming, matlab, mpi, parallelization Finishing Up Kimberly Hugueard
Student-Developed HPC Cluster for Active Learning University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt big-data, hardware, hardware-architecture, hpc-cluster-build, hpc-operations, hw-and-sw-integration Complete Scott Valcourt
Student-led Development of Open Source Materials for Hadoop University of Maine Farmington Northeast Cyberteam big-data, data-handling, data-wrangling, storage (d-facing), ceph, hadoop, cyberinfrastructure In Progress Christopher Bennet
Facilitating Fusarium Oxysporum Computational Research UMass Amherst / MGHPCC John Griffin data-handling, data-wrangling, slurm, debugging, containers, desktops In Progress John Griffin
Machine learning for material property prediction University of Maine Orono Northeast Cyberteam computational-chemistry, gpus, machine-learning, python Complete Liping Yu
Individual Based Modeling of Diamondback Terrapins Fitchburg State University Benjamin Levy Complete Benjamin Levy
Multiscale HPC Modeling, Tutorials and examples University of Maine Northeast Cyberteam data-handling, distributed-computing, gpus, mpi, visualization Complete Peter Koons
A GIS based model for wildlife conservation in Sri Lanka Bridgewater State University Thilina Surasinghe mpi, networking, performance, python In Progress Thilina Surasinghe
C++/17/14 Migration of Path Integral Quantum Monte Carlo Software University of Vermont Adrian Del Maestro hpc, software-installation, compiling, debugging, dependencies, performance, performance-tuning, simulations, quantum-mechanics, programming Complete Adrian Del Maestro
The foundation of terrestrial life: Inferring a total-evidence timeline of vascular plant evolution University of Vermont Michael Sundue hpc Complete Michael Sundue
Understanding Mechanical Properties of Bio-interfaces with HPC Molecular Simulations University of Vermont Juan Vanegas simulations, molecular-dynamics, gromacs, bioinformatics, computational-chemistry, python, hpc, mpi Complete Juan Vanegas
Developing Computational Labs for Upper Level Physical Chemistry II Course Bridgewater State University Saritha Nellutla computational-chemistry, gaussian Complete Saritha Nellutla
Using station data and downscaled reanalysis to assess the occurrence of extreme weather University of Maine Sean Birkel data-handling Finishing Up Sean Birkel
BTLE Beaconing to Track Objects University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt big-data, internet, networking, programming-best-practices, programming, graphics, hardware, hardware-architecture, hw-and-sw-integration Complete Scott Valcourt
Genetics and Big Data UVM Northeast Cyberteam big-data Complete Dawei Li
CI Learning Resource Repository University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt resources, cyberinfrastructure, professional-development Complete Scott Valcourt
Using Genetic Algorithms and Support Vector Machines in Forest Mapping University of Maine Kasey Legaard machine-learning, programming, matlab Complete Kasey Legaard
Large-area Enhanced Forest Inventory modeled on 3-D Airborne Laser Scanning data University of Maine Northeast Cyberteam data-handling, parallelization, performance, programming Complete Daniel Hayes
Kerr Black Hole Gravitational Lensing Bridgewater State University Northeast Cyberteam network, mpi, astrophysics Complete Thomas Kling
LOBO Fleet Monitoring Darling Marine Center, University of Maine Northeast Cyberteam cloud/vm, software-installation, openstack, compiling, debugging, python, cyberinfrastructure In Progress Damian Brady
Grey matter density, heredity, and psychotic disorders with alcohol misuse: Moving toward new diagnostic conceptualization through biotypes. Suffolk University Northeast Cyberteam Complete David Gansler
Portal Development WPI Northeast Cyberteam community-outreach, documentation, professional-development, website, workforce-development Recruiting Julie Ma
UVM Art and AI Initiative University of Vermont Northeast Cyberteam image-processing, visualization, website Complete Jennifer Karson
Onboarding Interdisciplinary Scientists to a GPU Based Cluster in Vermont University of Vermont Northeast Cyberteam hpc, deep-learning, programming-languages-and-software-support Complete Andrea Elledge
Using Agent Based Models on small world networks to understand disease transmission University of Vermont, work will be remote Jane Molofsky python Complete Jane Molofsky
Using distributed computing to equilibrate Monte Carlo simulations Middlebury College Chris Herdman quantum-mechanics, simulations, distributed-computing, hpc, mpi In Progress Chris Herdman
Tracing Oceanic Pathways using High Resolution Model Output Stonehill College Kristi Burkholder oceanography Complete Kristin Burkholder
Research Computing "helpdesk" WPI Nect Admin website, programming Complete Sia Najafi
Transient cooling of composite spherical moving droplet at high temperature with phase change and non-homogeneous boundary conditions Western New England University Jingru Benner bash, batch-jobs, job-sizing, open-on-demand, openfoam, parallelism, parameter-sweeps, performance, performance-tuning Complete Jingru Benner
Genome Sequencing of the Bornean Rock Frog Smith College Lisa Mangiamele big-data, bioinformatics, genomics In Progress Lisa Mangiamele
Incorporating Hytools into the current image processing pipeline to produce better vegetation maps that will account for radiometric signals and will parallelize workflow University of Maine at Fort Kent Larry Whitsel big-data, geographic-information-system, hpc-operations, image-processing, python, r, Researcher-facing In Progress Peter Nelson
Analyzing Pathogenic Clinical Isolates Genomes to Identify Horizontal Gene Transfer of Antibiotic-Resistance Genes University of Maine at Presque Isle Larry Whitsel big-data, bioinformatics, Data-facing, hpc, hpc-storage (s-facing), Researcher-facing Complete Larry Feinstein
Deep Learning High-Resolution Land Cover Mapping for Vermont University of Vermont Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne big-data, geographic-information-system, arcgis, image-processing, machine-learning, distributed-computing, parallelism, python In Progress Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne
Benchmarking Locally-Developed HPC Resources University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt account, backup, big-data, Data-facing, data-handling, file-system, hpc, hpc-cluster-build, hpc-getting-started, hpc-operations, permissions, provisioning, scheduler, slurm, unix-environment In Progress Scott Valcourt
Utility poles Geo-Localization and Risk Estimation using Deep Learning University of Vermont safwan wshah AI, arcgis, big-data, conda, cuda, deep-learning, geographic-information-system, gpus, hpc, machine-learning, pip, python, tensorflow, unix-environment Complete safwan wshah
Big Data Portal For Sharing Real-world Bioinformatics Data Sets to the Public Domain University of Maine, Augusta Bruce Segee big-data, bioinformatics, Data-facing, data-handling, data-management, data-wrangling, hpc-storage (s-facing), metadata, science gateway, storage (d-facing), website In Progress Rocko Graziano
Uncertainty Quantification for Urban Air Quality Modeling in Clermont-Ferrand, France Stonehill College Janelle Hammond cluster, collaboration, hpc-getting-started, monte-carlo, python, simulations In Progress Janelle Hammond
UVM Art + AI Research Group Phase 2 (2021) University of Vermont Jennifer Karson AI, cluster, collaboration, cuda, python, supercomputing, visualization In Progress Jennifer Karson
AMD GPU-accelerated design tools for creating novel lifeforms University of Vermont David Matthews programming-for-hpc, supercomputing, support, training In Progress Josh Bongard
Action of Hecke operators on spaces of modular forms University of Vermont Christelle Vincent cybersecurity, open-source, research-computing, research-software In Progress Christelle Vincent
GPN Women in HPC Chapter Great Plains Network Kate Adams In Progress Christina Roberts