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Data Presentation for the Living Bridge

Project Information

data handling, data wrangling, storage, hardware, cpus, storage, vpn, vpn, ssh, distributed computing, CyberInfrastructure,
Project Status: New and Recruiting
Submitted By: Scott Valcourt
Project Email:
Project Institution: University of New Hampshire
Anchor Institution: University of New Hampshire
Project Address: 268 MAST ROAD NHPTV
Durham, New Hampshire. 03824

Mentors: Scott Valcourt

Project Description

The Memorial Bridge between Kittery, ME and Portsmouth, NH has several sensors on and below that collect data and record that data in an on-bridge database in a raw form. This project is extracting data from the on-bridge database into a new researcher-facing database that will offer publicly-available dataset extractions and on-server calculations for those researchers who wish to understand the work being done on the Living Bridge.