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C++/17/14 Migration of Path Integral Quantum Monte Carlo Software

Project Information

HPC, SoftwareInstallation, Compiling, debugging, dependencies, performance, performance tuning, Simulations, Quantum-Mechanics, programming
Project Status: Complete
Submitted By: Adrian Del Maestro
Project Email:
Project Institution: University of Vermont
Anchor Institution: University of Vermont
Project Address: 82 University Place
Burlington, Vermont. 05405

Mentors: Adrian Del Maestro
Students: Saheed Ajibade

Project Description

Path integral quantum Monte Carlo exploits the quantum-to-classical mapping to stochastically sample the partition function of a d-dimensional quantum system as a (d+1)-dimensional classical system. This allows for the ab initio simulation of superfluids at low temperatures. The open source research code developed at the University of Vermont ( does not yet take advantage of many of the latest features in the C++17/14/11 standard. This project seeks to modernize our open source codebase while concurrently developing new documentation with the goal of modernization, re-factoring and potentially optimization.