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Project Title Project Institution Project Owner Tags Status
Creating Tailored Research Computing Environments Bentley University David Oury big-data, machine-learning, resources, containers, docker, python, r, cpus, gpus, parallelization Complete
Student-Developed HPC Cluster for Active Learning University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt big-data, hardware, hardware-architecture, hpc-cluster-build, hpc-operations, hw-and-sw-integration Complete
Student-led Development of Open Source Materials for Hadoop University of Maine Farmington Northeast Cyberteam big-data, data-handling, data-wrangling, storage (d-facing), ceph, hadoop, cyberinfrastructure In Progress
BTLE Beaconing to Track Objects University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt big-data, internet, networking, programming-best-practices, programming, graphics, hardware, hardware-architecture, hw-and-sw-integration Complete
Genetics and Big Data UVM Northeast Cyberteam big-data Complete
Genome Sequencing of the Bornean Rock Frog Smith College Lisa Mangiamele big-data, bioinformatics, genomics Recruiting
Deep Learning High-Resolution Land Cover Mapping for Vermont University of Vermont Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne big-data, geographic-information-system, arcgis, image-processing, machine-learning, distributed-computing, parallelism, python In Progress
Utility poles Geo-Localization and Risk Estimation using Deep Learning University of Vermont safwan wshah big-data, machine-learning, deep-learning, geographic-information-system, arcgis, AI, python, gpus, unix-environment, hpc, tensorflow, pip, conda, cuda Recruiting
Big Data Portal For Sharing Real-world Bioinformatics Data Sets to the Public Domain University of Maine, Augusta Bruce Segee Data-facing, big-data, data-handling, data-wrangling, data-management, storage (d-facing), metadata, bioinformatics, science gateway, website, hpc-storage (s-facing) Recruiting
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