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Student-Developed HPC Cluster for Active Learning

Project Information

big data, hardware, hardware architecture, HPC Cluster build, hpc operations, HPCs, hw/sw integration
Project Status: In Progress
Submitted By: Scott Valcourt
Project Email:
Project Institution: University of New Hampshire
Anchor Institution: University of New Hampshire
Project Address: 268 Mast Road NHPBS
Durham, New Hampshire. 03824

Mentors: Scott Valcourt
Students: Cristiano Bianchi

Project Description

Students will be solely responsible for the design, construction, configuration, and maintenance of a recommissioned collection of used computing hardware to craft a basic HPC cluster. The experiment will offer students practical experience in the administration and use of a HPC cluster, something not typically made available in the regular curriculum. Additionally, this project will serve as a potential cookbook to encourage other small and medium-sized institutions to reconsider scrapping old computing hardware for the purpose of teaching students HPC on a shoestring budget.