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Student-led Development of Open Source Materials for Hadoop

Project Information

big data, data handling, data wrangling, storage, ceph, hadoop, CyberInfrastructure, ,
Project Status: In Progress
Submitted By: Northeast Cyberteam
Project Email:
Project Institution: University of Maine Farmington
Anchor Institution: University of Maine
Project Address: 228 Main St Brinkman House
Farmington, Maine. 04938

Project Description

As part of a system-wide Data Science Degree, numerous modules have been developed that can be offered at a distance. These include VBA in Excel, SQL, R, and others. No module currently exists for Hadoop, nor does an instance of Hadoop that can be used for student training. This project aims to create a suitable Hadoop environment on University of Maine System resources and to create materials for a one credit micro-course that can be delivered at a distance.