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Title Category Tags Skill Level
Neurostars Website documentation, image-processing, data-sharing, psychology Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Beautiful Soup - Simple Python Web Scraping Tool documentation, ai, big-data, data-sharing, data-transfer, data-wrangling Beginner, Intermediate
CUDA Toolkit Documentation Docs documentation, c, c++, fortran, python Intermediate, Advanced
Data Visualization tools for Python Docs documentation, python Beginner, Intermediate
Docker - Containerized, reproducible workflows Tool documentation, cloud-computing, deep-learning Intermediate, Advanced
Docker Container Library Tool documentation, cloud-computing, cloud-open-source, data-access-protocols, data-management, data-reproducibility, containers
Guide to building AirSim on Linux machines Docs documentation, setup, github, github-pages, hardware, unix-environment Beginner, Intermediate
HPCwire Website documentation, bioinformatics, pytorch, data-science, hpc-operations, technical-training-for-hpc, programming, programming-best-practices, python Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Numpy - a Python Library Tool documentation, big-data, data-analysis, deep-learning, opencv, pytorch, tensorflow, data-science Beginner, Intermediate
Official Python Documentation Docs documentation, python
OnShape Documentation Tool documentation, faster Beginner
OnShape FeatureScripts: Custom features for everyone Tool documentation, materials-science, particle-physics Intermediate, Advanced
Optimizing Research Workflows - A Documentation of Snakemake Docs documentation, data-analysis, data-reproducibility, workflow, bioinformatics, data-science, python Intermediate, Advanced
Pandas - Python Docs documentation, ai, big-data, data-analysis Beginner, Intermediate
Samtools Documentation Docs documentation, data-analysis, bioinformatics, data-science, genomics Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Scikit-Learn: Easy Machine Learning and Modeling Tool documentation, ai, plotting, visualization, big-data, data-analysis, deep-learning, image-processing, machine-learning, monte-carlo, neural-networks, vectorization Beginner, Intermediate
TensorFlow for Deep Neural Networks Tool documentation, faster, tensorflow Intermediate, Advanced
Warewulf documentation Website documentation, administering-hpc, distributed-computing, hpc-cluster-architecture, provisioning, containers Beginner, Intermediate
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