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LOBO Fleet Monitoring

Project Information

Cloud/VM, SoftwareInstallation, openstack, Compiling, debugging, python, CyberInfrastructure
Project Status: In Progress
Submitted By: Northeast Cyberteam
Project Email:
Project Institution: Darling Marine Center, University of Maine
Anchor Institution: University of Maine

Mentors: Chris Wilson

Project Description

The Darling Marine Center (DMC) at the University of Maine is migrating their cyber infrastructure from a commercial entity
onto the university's systems. As a result, it is now possible for the DMC to have direct access to the raw data being captured by its fleet of Land-Ocean Biogeochemical Observatories (LOBO) buoys. LOBO buoys help scientist to answer questions about water quality, aquaculture site selection and ocean acidification. With this new access comes the possibility for the first time for the DMC to be able to have a monitoring system that tracks the status of the buoys in near real time and which alerts technicians to anomalies detected through the data. If this project is successful for the LOBO buoys it may be expanded to other buoy fleets as well. The monitoring program must be configurable so that it can take a variety of actions base on relationships based on the parameters being measured by the buoys.