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Project Title Project Institution Project Owner Tags Status
Data Visualizations Using the Microsoft HoloLens University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt graphics, hw-sw-integration, hpc, networking, software-installation, compiling, debugging, os, internet Finishing Up
Unsupervised learning of topologically ordered phases of matter Middlebury College Northeast Cyberteam gpus, hpc, machine-learning, quantum-mechanics Complete
C++/17/14 Migration of Path Integral Quantum Monte Carlo Software University of Vermont Adrian Del Maestro hpc, software-installation, compiling, debugging, dependencies, performance, performance-tuning, simulations, quantum-mechanics, programming Complete
The foundation of terrestrial life: Inferring a total-evidence timeline of vascular plant evolution University of Vermont Michael Sundue hpc Complete
Understanding Mechanical Properties of Bio-interfaces with HPC Molecular Simulations University of Vermont Juan Vanegas bioinformatics, computational-chemistry, gromacs, hpc, molecular-dynamics, mpi, python, simulations Complete
Onboarding Interdisciplinary Scientists to a GPU Based Cluster in Vermont University of Vermont Northeast Cyberteam hpc, deep-learning, programming-languages Complete
Using distributed computing to equilibrate Monte Carlo simulations Middlebury College Chris Herdman distributed-computing, hpc, mpi, quantum-mechanics, simulations Complete
Analyzing Pathogenic Clinical Isolates Genomes to Identify Horizontal Gene Transfer of Antibiotic-Resistance Genes University of Maine at Presque Isle Larry Whitsel big-data, bioinformatics, data-facing, hpc, hpc-storage, researcher-facing Complete
Benchmarking Locally-Developed HPC Resources University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt account, backup, big-data, data-facing, data-management, file-systems, hpc, hpc-cluster-build, hpc-getting-started, hpc-operations, permissions, provisioning, schedulers, slurm, unix-environment In Progress
Utility poles Geo-Localization and Risk Estimation using Deep Learning University of Vermont safwan wshah ai, arcgis, big-data, conda, cuda, deep-learning, geographic-information-system, gpus, hpc, machine-learning, pip, python, tensorflow, unix-environment Complete
simulate and design “xenobots”, on the AMD platform University of Vermont Andrea Elledge administering-hpc, amber, big-data, biology, cyberinfrastructure, documentation, file-transfer, github, hpc, programming-languages, research-computing, slurm In Progress
Mentors and Regional Facilitators
Name Region Skills Interests
Scott Valcourt Northeast, Campus Champions
Galen Collier Campus Champions, CAREERS
Vikram Gazula Campus Champions, Kentucky
Bhushan Chitre Kentucky
Brett Milash RMACC
Anita Orendt Campus Champions, RMACC
Brian Haymore RMACC
Kaylea Nelson Campus Champions, CAREERS
Neil McGlohon CAREERS
Andrew Sherman Campus Champions, CAREERS
Grant Scott Great Plains
Chuck Pavloski Campus Champions, CAREERS
Jeffrey Nucciarone CAREERS
Ying Zhang CAREERS
Kevin Brandt Campus Champions, Great Plains
Gaurav Khanna Campus Champions, CAREERS, Northeast
Jacob Pessin Northeast
Juan Vanegas Northeast
Shawn Sivy CAREERS
Rob Harbert Northeast
Timothy Middelkoop Campus Champions, Campus Champions
Steven Kuhlo TRECIS
Lakitha Wijeratne TRECIS
Torey Battelle At-Large, Campus Champions, MINES, RMACC
Kevin Bryan Campus Champions
Charles Forsyth Campus Champions
Ben Lynch Campus Champions
Kali McLennan Campus Champions, Great Plains
Ric Anderson Campus Champions
Jeff Dusenberry Northeast
Michael Kyle Campus Champions
Jason Wells
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