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Mentors and Regional Facilitators
Name Region Skills Interests
Scott Valcourt Northeast, Campus Champions
Katia Bulekova Northeast, Campus Champions
Tony Elam Kentucky
Grant Scott Great Plains
Jeffrey Nucciarone CAREERS
Thomas Langford Campus Champions, CAREERS
Yongwook Song Kentucky
Brian Gregor Northeast, Campus Champions
Jacob Pessin Northeast
Rob Harbert Northeast
Jordan Hayes Campus Champions
Feng George Yu Campus Champions
Bala Desinghu CAREERS
Neil McGlohon CAREERS
Simon Delattre
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Name Roles Skills Interests
Scott Valcourt
steering committee
Northeast Cyberteam
student facilitator
Ethan Davis
student facilitator
Katia Bulekova
Alexander Williams
Abigail Waters
student facilitator
Yves Dubief
Brian Gregor
Jacob Pessin
Kristi Burkholder
safwan wshah
Rob Harbert
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Project Title Sort descending Project Institution Project Owner Tags Status
Analyzing Pathogenic Clinical Isolates Genomes to Identify Horizontal Gene Transfer of Antibiotic-Resistance Genes University of Maine at Presque Isle Larry Whitsel data-facing, big-data, hpc, researcher-facing, bioinformatics, hpc-storage Complete
Benchmarking Locally-Developed HPC Resources University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt account, backup, big-data, data-facing, data-management, file-systems, hpc, hpc-cluster-build, hpc-getting-started, hpc-operations, permissions, provisioning, schedulers, slurm, unix-environment Complete
Big Data Portal For Sharing Real-world Bioinformatics Data Sets to the Public Domain University of Maine, Augusta Bruce Segee big-data, bioinformatics, data-facing, data-management, data-wrangling, hpc-storage, metadata, science gateway, storage (d-facing), web-development Complete
BTLE Beaconing to Track Objects University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt big-data, internet, programming-best-practices, programming, graphics, hardware, hardware-architecture, hw-sw-integration Complete
Deep Learning High-Resolution Land Cover Mapping for Vermont University of Vermont Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne arcgis, big-data, distributed-computing, geographic-information-system, image-processing, machine-learning, parallelism, python Complete
Genetics and Big Data UVM Northeast Cyberteam big-data Complete
Genome Sequencing of the Bornean Rock Frog Smith College Lisa Mangiamele big-data, bioinformatics, genomics In Progress
Incorporating Hytools into the current image processing pipeline to produce better vegetation maps that will account for radiometric signals and will parallelize workflow University of Maine at Fort Kent Larry Whitsel big-data, geographic-information-system, hpc-operations, image-processing, python, r, researcher-facing Complete
LOBO Fleet Monitoring Darling Marine Center, University of Maine Northeast Cyberteam big-data, data-access-protocols, data-management, data-wrangling, metadata, file-formats, cloud, openstack, cyberinfrastructure, oceanography, python, software-installation, compiling, debugging Complete
Machine learning for material property prediction University of Maine Orono Northeast Cyberteam big-data, data-wrangling, computational-chemistry, molecular-dynamics, machine-learning, python, gpus Complete
Simulate and design “xenobots”, on the AMD platform University of Vermont Andrea Elledge administering-hpc, amber, big-data, biology, cyberinfrastructure, documentation, file-transfer, github, hpc, programming-languages, research-computing, slurm Complete
Student-Developed HPC Cluster for Active Learning University of New Hampshire Scott Valcourt big-data, hardware, hardware-architecture, hpc-cluster-build, hpc-operations, hw-sw-integration Complete
Student-led Development of Open Source Materials for Hadoop University of Maine Farmington Northeast Cyberteam big-data, ceph, cyberinfrastructure, data-wrangling, hadoop, storage (d-facing) Complete
Using Genetic Algorithms and Support Vector Machines in Forest Mapping University of Maine Kasey Legaard big-data, cloud, compiling, data-management, hpc, machine-learning, matlab, neural-networks, openstack, parallelization, programming, workflow Complete
Utility poles Geo-Localization and Risk Estimation using Deep Learning University of Vermont safwan wshah ai, arcgis, big-data, conda, cuda, deep-learning, geographic-information-system, gpus, hpc, machine-learning, pip, python, tensorflow, unix-environment Complete
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